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I can't load my repl! How do I get my code back or how do I fix?

When I get to the repl, it loads and connects over and over, unable to see or copy my code. Is this happening to everyone?

Answered by abc3354 [earned 5 cycles]
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Hello !

I think there is an issue with repls and files :(
You are not the only one to report this

Feel free to upvote this this bug report and to add a comment on it if you have some informations about the bug

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Please, do not hesitate to ask in comments if you have any question
Replmail is a cool mail system created by MrEconomical. Give it a try ;)
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I can’t load my replicate because I do not know the way of getting the code back with the way of taking the fix. It leads toward the connects and over the way of enabling the see by the copy code at dissertation writers UK that is happening everywhere with the magic.




I know how to fix can drag the thing in and out try that...there is two of them you can drag in and out so try to drag the right thing...