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I can't connect. At all.
AwesomeJack1 (30)

Please help I can't connect to any of my replits and I need to turn this one in a week. Please can anyone give me a fix.

mwilki7 (1133)

Email professor/teacher about the downtime. I'm sure they'll give an extension.

stephenpastore (7)

Same here, it's been going on for the last week or so for me....Fades in and out though, have usually been able to connect after some time but not without it giving me some troubles.... right now can't connect at all

AndyOsborne (1)

@stephenpastore Same here. I've been trying to connect to it however; it's just not doing it and have recently been spammed with 20 Captcha requests in a row...

Pandapip1 (24)

@AndyOsborne This comment about the captchas is interesting, and suggests a DDoS attack, though I have no idea why anyone would want to DDoS repl.

qualladoom (366)

Hey everyone, we're experiencing some infrastructure difficulties. Specifically around loading repls. You might still be able to load your repl.

Earlier this morning we had a huge surge in traffic that caused a cascade of issues we're trying to debug. We're unsure if the traffic surge is legit or caused by a DDoS. Please bear with us.


kvale (1)

Same for me, never connects.

Uray163 (10)

I can't get anything to connect, i think something broke.

huhelena8 (17)

um well, you can always use another device, but close all tabs, and other tabs if you can. I've had this problem, and it always does the trick If it still doesn't work, open a new tab, close the loading one, and search up, and go to the project you are working on. (Also, which computer do you have?)

Coder100 (18191)

Yes! It has happened to me as well. The bug report can be found here

AdithyaOlivanna (9)

What has happened? Why does it just refuse to work?

KatieH2005 (0)

After some advice from a friend, using to go to replit worked for me. Hope it helps everyone else with this problem.

KatieH2005 (0)

@KatieH2005 Even with it took a minute to load, so if it doesnt work right away thats why

OphirA (0)

same here for the last 2 hours

Dart (1199)

Python goes down for 3 seconds ask section: PyThOn RePl WoNt cOnNeCT

sergiocarrasquel (0)

I need to grade students submissions and can't check them... It is down.

Laurens1985 (0)

I can't connect also, tried various browsers.

sugarfi (630)

A lot of people are getting this problem, it seems the servers are acting up.