Who want to help me dev a video editing software for pc chrome book and mobile

Who want to help me dev a video editing software for PC Chromebook and mobile the people who are helping me develop it will receive $150 every day If you work every day for a year u will make a lot of money up to PayPal or any other money app comment down below your experience of coding I am looking for a team of people I will reply to u if you're a dev. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Start Commenting : Also if u read this before its the same text with an update

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I advise you to do it yourself. How long it takes to process it depends on the original size of the video file, the power of your computer and the duration of the video. Taking into account that in TikTok videos last 15 and 60 seconds, they will be converted quickly. The converter has a set of templates for conversion with optimal settings for opening the file on different devices and uploading it to social networks. You can also choose manual settings from here https://www.joincombo.com where you can specify the side sizes in pixels, compression, bitrate and other options by clicking the sliders and filling in the fields.