Hey! How do you use a computer, anyway?
Zekka (41)

Hey! I've been told I should learn how to use a computer. I was surprised, because I really thought I knew how to use one, but apparently, according to the Discord and recent posts on Talk, I don't!

Some of the problems they identified:

  • using non-FOSS software on a daily basis
  • using the acronym "FOSS" instead of "GNU" to refer to the software I do not use
  • using Python, the world's most popular programming language, for any daily task ever, apparently (it is only used by noobs)
  • using a profiler to determine if my code is fast instead of my bare, knee-jerk intuitions about bloat
  • using UEFI and not MBR
  • using iOS and not Android
  • using Windows 10 and not Linux
  • using Ubuntu and not Mint
  • using Mint and not Debian
  • using Debian and not Arch
  • using Arch and not Nix
  • using Nix and not Guix
  • using Guix and not Arch

Please help! I want to switch from gatekept novice to person who gatekeeps novices. Based on my current observations, this should take reading one Brokenthorn tutorial, the back cover of The Little Schemer, and the first Google hit for "Manjaro." (because the base Arch installation is apparently too difficult for certain people to learn, and repl.it users only hold people to task for things they don't know how to do when it's not easily verifiable that they don't know how to do them)

P.S. Please reply by snail mail: my wifi drivers have been broken ever since I took repl.it's advice on what operating system to use.

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TerrorbuildLuna (39)

Huh, if you think you don't know computers, then I don't know what I am. I have absolutely no idea what those terms you mentioned mean. And also python isn't for noobs, I use it a lot. I'm pretty sure you already know computers pretty well, I can't help tho, sorry.

Zekka (41)

@TerrorbuildLuna Yes, I'm very puzzled! I thought that since I worked as a professional programmer, it would turn out that I knew how to use a computer correctly, but apparently to be a computer expert I'd have to go around preaching the greatness of tools I don't even use.

(Apologies! This post is sarcasm -- I've seen a lot of people telling people that they are programming wrong or using the computer wrong because they do things that basically everyone does, and it really bugs me because it seems nakedly elitist.)

Bookie0 (6158)

Um python can be for anyone. It’s pretty easy, and everywhere starts somewhere. There are many tutorials for people who have zero experience coding for python. @TerrorbuildLuna

CodeLongAndPros (1601)

@Zekka Well, I don't really care at all, except about point 6 (Or is it 7?).

CodeLongAndPros (1601)

@Bookie0 @Zekka forgot the <sarcasm> and </sarcasm> tags in his post.

Bookie0 (6158)

yea lol something was wrong with that comment @CodeLongAndPros

mwilki7 (1132)


but apparently to be a computer expert I'd have to go around
preaching the greatness of tools I don't even use

I think I already know who you're talking about xd
yea I've had my share on certain boards over there

Zekka (41)

scheme is the source of true power and unrelatedly it is 100% impractical for all problems @mwilki7

Zekka (41)

every language other than ASM (in which I know how to write a bootloader but only the first stage and only for twenty-year-old hardware) generates "bloated executables" like Go @mwilki7

Zekka (41)

i don't use a single language designed in the last 20 years and yet my criticism of Prolog is it "seems dated" @mwilki7

Jakman (452)

@Bookie0 it is easy to exploit python on this site.