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Http not working?

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EDIT: This is no longer relevant as I am moving to vscode

I'm trying to make a simple multiplayer game using node js. I configured the server but it keeps giving me the error message: Make sure your repl has a port open and is ready to receive HTTP traffic.

Whenever I create a brand new repl and paste the same exact code in, the http will work for about 1 hour before giving me the same error msg again.

Thanks for the help

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One reason this might be happening is because you are listening on 2 different ports: 8080 and 3000.
You also already have an express server running with your port 3000, so there is no reason to have an http server setup

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I need the http server for websockets though. Also whenever I make a brand new repl, the code works for about 1 hour before it breaks again, which means its most likely not a port problem.

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Hello, most likely there has been an error that has occurred, either losing memory or an error inside the code. Anyways, the code doesn't load for me... I'll look at it and tell you about any errors.