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How to use sockets with repl?

How do I make it so I can put my python chatroom server on replit and access it from my client script on my network?

Answered by KeaganLandfried [earned 5 cycles]
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I would suggest reading the docs at
Or by following a tutorial like this one...

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Also, since repl is a virtual linux machine, it does not have any sort of native support for host/client type applications, which is why most chat-based applications are written with websockets using flask or django(or good ol' javascript).


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I've seen work in before, although I haven't done it personally. Just the other day I was using one native on replit. But again another approach may be easier.


I've always had trouble working with sockets on repl.

In fact, I do not think it is possible unless you use the flask module. Perhaps you could create a web-based chat application. If I do remember correctly, flask supports websockets.

You can find more information here