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How to stop multiple running instances


I have been working on a chat bot, but I've come across an unusual circumstances that I can't seem to remedy. I've done some google searches but haven't been able to figure anything out.

So I was working on the project on another computer, and then moved to a different computer, but now it seems the project is running twice. When a command is provided in chat there are 2 replies. I added a new command in the code on the 2nd computer and restarted, and the chatbot will only respond to that command once because the 2nd instances is the only one updated. But any of the original commands will reply twice because both instances recognize the command.

How do I stop this mismatch/sync issue between the 2 clients, as I thought I was working in the same space no matter where I was loading the website from?

I hope this is specific enough to explain the issue I am having.


It would be nice to have an option stop all running instances but the current one in Replit. As a temporary solution for Telegram bot it's possible to revoke its token and make a new one.


I have the exact same issue :/


I have the same issue


Hi Brandon, unfortunately I don't know the solution to your problem, however I do know that others are having this same issue. Please keep us up to date with any progress you make =)