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How to save a project? : )
EvokQuadro (78)

pls help ! I really can not find any way to save my project.

Answered by mat1 (4395) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4395) actually already autosaves your projects.
Please mark my comment as the answer if it helped you. Thanks!

wsim (3)

I've also this problem. I thought it would automatically save my java code. It autosave while you're on it. But the next day when I log in to and select my repl, the code is empty!! I've to retype the code again. why??

RoloWilson9 (4)

how do you save a project

StealthySniper (8)

@eggbottles @RoloWilson9 Btw the answer is marked/pinned up there.

ickshatiwari (1)

@StealthySniper thanks I was had the same problem

peanut20 (0)

try click on the play button on the top. that fixed my auto save problem.