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How to save a project? : )
EvokQuadro (83)

pls help ! I really can not find any way to save my project.

Answered by mat1 (4456) [earned 5 cycles]
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mat1 (4456) actually already autosaves your projects.
Please mark my comment as the answer if it helped you. Thanks!

wsim (4)

I've also this problem. I thought it would automatically save my java code. It autosave while you're on it. But the next day when I log in to and select my repl, the code is empty!! I've to retype the code again. why??

MadMath123 (343)

@wsim When REPL autosaves, it waits a sec for you to finish typing before it autosaves. So, when you try to close out and it tells you that it hasn't saved, then you may lose code. If that's what happened, then that might be an error.

RoloWilson9 (4)

how do you save a project

StealthySniper (9)

@eggbottles @RoloWilson9 Btw the answer is marked/pinned up there.

ickshatiwari (1)

@StealthySniper thanks I was had the same problem

EricYang14 (0)

I don’t know how to save

peanut20 (0)

try click on the play button on the top. that fixed my auto save problem.