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How to run a Gatsby project?
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I have a Gatsby Github Repo and I imported it to but I could not find GatsbyJS as a language, I picked node instead and I am unable to run because command "gatsby" is not available.
How can I run Gatsby project?

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I coulda swore GatsbyJS was a language on here. Maybe it was removed at some point? Anyway, it appears that manually installing Gatsby is working out. If you hit Ctrl+Shift+S in the editor, you will gain access to the command line, from which you can install the framework using npm install gatsby-cli. This will install Gatsby on the runner. If you need a full tutorial on how to set up Gatsby from there, there's an awesom Quick Start guide on their website that you can follow.

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btw re:

I coulda swore GatsbyJS was a language on here

It actually still is, but it has been hidden for unknown reasons

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