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How to recover a deleted repl
SovietClarinet (3)

Hi, I wasn't paying attention while deleting old repls and I accidentally deleted a very important program. Is there any way to recover it?

PattanAhmed (1404)

@SovietClarinet Hi,
Don't worry!
It's just easy!

Go to CLI:-
1. Select on the option Trash
2. If you don't know your Repl name, then select View Repls
3. If you know, then select Restore Repls
4. Enter your Repl name
5. Click Submit

That's it

Hope this helps

Bookie0 (6263)


go to the cli:

click on trash, then list and restore deleted repls

next click restore, and enter the repl name:

then it should be restored, reload the page of my repls if you need to or redo the whole process. ;)

Bookie0 (6263)

Cool np!

please mark this answer as correct if it helped you! =)