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How to make a status tracker discord bot?
SneakyCatYT (4)

I was looking around discord and I saw a bot which was super cool and it was having a feature called status tracker ( some of you would not understand I will explain it.. ) status tracker is one of the feature where once a user put put in their custom status for example "hi" then the bot will automatically gives them a role I searched up so many websites but I didn't got any information and I also searched up in I went in presence update still no information... So, Can anyone help me telling how can we do it pls 🥺

Answered by 98129182 (8) [earned 5 cycles]
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98129182 (8)

I won’t give a technical answer, just a “how it can be done" one...
You can study discord.js and study the custom status thing. Then, you can detect if it equals to say, “hi” as stated in your example, and give it a role. You then do this for all the members - store them all in an array and iterate through it. I recommend updating every minute, but it’s up to you :)

SneakyCatYT (4)

@98129182 thanks so much for replying I will try