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How to make a global leaderboard with javascript?

So in my game, I want to have a leaderboard of all of the users and show who has the most of each stats. So how would I be able to do this?


You'll need a server - you can use a python / nodejs repl for that

  1. Use HTTP requests to make updates to the leaderboard from your main game site.
  2. You'll probably want a database (you can use replit's built in one) to store the leaderboard stats.

@notGilbert I am using javascript and repl database isn't supported by that. But I already have a saving function and I am using cookies. Can you give me documentation for how to set up the HTTP request and the servers?


@MikeJMS8910 replit database does support (have a library) for javascript, just not on the client-side.

If you're familiar with javascript, use a Nodejs repl as the server. I like express, a library for handling HTTP requests.

A server is a computer (program) that handles requests and "serves" files, it has connection to the database. A client should not have a direct connection to the database (anyone would be able to modify the data; its stupid). A server / client can communicate with the other using HTTP requests.

Client - what the user sees, your game

Server - a computer (program) that provides information to the client. It handles things like user authentication, and storing data. Users don't see this.

HTTP requests - a protocol used to structure requests over the internet. It is used for the client and server to communicate.


express on codeacademy, part one should be enough
HTTP requests explanation
express js website


@notGilbert Thanks ill need to check these links out later