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How to link a wildcard domain to flask?
iWaroz (3)

I am trying to make a website for people to create profiles, with the url for a site to be <username> instead of, and so I set a wildcard CNAME record on namecheap, but when I try visiting a page, it just says "Run The Repl", unless I specifically linked that subdomain before.

I don't want to link every single useable subdomain, but when I type * into the link domain menu it takes much longer than a just putting a subdomain.

Any ideas?

OneNose (10)

Try something like this (replace app with your Flask object):

@app.route("/", subdomain="<username>")  # now the subdomain will be passed into the parameter 'username'
def profile(username):
    return "Hello " + username + "!"

Then you can enter The output would be Hello iWaroz!

iWaroz (3)

@OneNose The problem isn't with detecting the subdomain, but getting traffic from all subdomains to the repl, but I talked with a replit dev and turns out the problem is with the dns servers. Otherwise, I didn't know about the subdomain="" argument in flask which is better than my regex-based solution with flask.request.url