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How to hide the repl/output sandbox?
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I prefer working with the shell and starting a repl from there as it is more responsive. The repl (“output sandbox”?) ends up just being in the way.

I wasn’t able to find a way to close the repl in the shortcuts nor by searching in this forum.

Is there a way to close the repl?

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Just make a .replit file and add this:
run ="bash" to the the output console be a shell

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Not really, the closest is to configure the output, create a .replit file:

run="echo hi"

Now you can execute shell commands (but note your repl now breaks)
the default behavior is (for java):

run="javac *.java ; java Main"
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umm, I think you mean to close the console, correct? Well, if you look to the side of a repl, there should be slider:


You can use that to close the console.

To open the shell, you can press ctrl-shift-s or cmd-shift-s if you are on mac.

Hope this helps!