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How to get motivation to keep learnign more python!
Wail45 (3)

Please give me tricks to get motivation for keep learning python

Answered by Bookie0 (6272) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (6272)

Just keep going! When you encounter erros, take a break, and come back later.

some ideas to get you motivated:

  • pacman
  • battleship
  • choice making game
  • quiz (like harry potter quiz, math quiz, star wars quiz)
  • personality quiz (like which house are you in HP, are you a nerd/jock/popular/idiot etc)
  • tic tac toe
  • pong
  • uno
  • dice rolling game
  • name/place/idea/story generator
  • HTML webpage about yourself
  • text based adventure game
  • simulator (Life sim, cooking sim, teacher sim, fighting sim, etc.)
  • hotel managment game
  • game like Among Us
  • game like Scribble
  • typing test
  • tycoon game (idle factory game, idle miner game, idle city game)
  • minecraft but simpler
  • ascii art/animation
  • url shortener
  • board game (monopoly, uno, risk, game of life, etc)
  • site like another site (site like, google, amazon)
  • clicker game
  • make a tutorial about something you know well of
  • learn a new language (like C, C++, C#, nodeJS, javascript, ruby, haskell, etc.)

If you need more ideas, you can just google on the internet "python program ideas"; here are some results:

Good luck!


heres something to think about...

OMG OMG I cAn ShOw ThIs tO mEh fuTURE gIwlFwrienD. sHe vOuLd GeT soOOOOOoooOoo iMpReSsEd...

Oh and more importantly, I always think about if I get really good, I can start making revenue out of this. So thats what keeps me motivated :D


to motivate you

You have to have the interest, try watching motivational videos, and practice more. Learn interesting stuff, and make projects. Soon it will come.

RonanStevenson (3)

Python is a gateway to better programming languages. With it's simple yet powerful design it is widely used as a bridge between different programming languages. If python is boring you and you want something more complex look towards other languages like java or c++. Just remember that you should enjoy what you do and you should follow what makes you happy.

EpicRaisin (262)

Many people do this, and I think it's a great idea as well.

Why not make some text adventures?

Python has some pretty cool console, input, and keyboard modules/functions, therefore there are so many different ways of making a text adventure. You could use inputs or keyboard, or even more complex stuff like curses. And with Python's ridiculously easy file manipulation, you could store an entire text file of dialogue lines or save the user's data. Python is a great language for text adventures, so maybe you could make one.

CyberHacker101 (128)

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OlauPla (156)

Ok this is what I think. Python is a very good language where you can do a lot of thing! Why quit? You can at least get the fundamentals in programming thanks to its basic syntaxis!

Keap learning and get some fundamentals, so later you can start in more complicated languages like c++,java,c and more!

Coder100 (18168)

So many things have been made with python! Try aspiring to create a chat application :)


Learn pyautogui to control your mouse, and keyboard in python.


I would say do more fun projects. Post some of your best projects on share section to get encouragement. Learn Django to create fun websites. Go to my account for great python ideas.