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How to get an SSL certificate for free.
TheBest156 (43)

My website says "Deceptive site ahead
Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). Learn more

Help improve security on the web for everyone by sending URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information, and some page content to Google. Privacy policy"

But I looked my site up on google safe and it says there is nothing wrong with it. I thought of trying an SSL Certificate by using Chrome://settings/certificates

It didn't work. Please help me. I am using

LukeWright (282)

can't you just ignore the warning and go to the site?

TheBest156 (43)

@LukeWright No, it doesn't have the option in details look.

Accept I don't Phish on websites. So idk what is wrong.

LukeWright (282)

Well I guess you'd have to go through google's list of trusted ssl providers and find which one works for you. If you get an ssl certificate from a non trusted ssl provider, google may not accept it. @JohnBarnhart

TheBest156 (43)

@LukeWright It's just that I worked for over a week on this site. I can still code on it, but I can't view the page :(