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How to create social network in Flask, this code is not working
PixiGem (141)

Hello replit...

(sorry, @ruiwenge2 ) (I pinged you as you are a good flask/python coder)

Please help me! the code has '0' errors according to pyflakes, I thing there is an error in virtualenv.

If not, tell me! how do I fix this piece of sht

or is the problem with the shell script?

I am following this tutorial -

Maybe it is with replit itself

Yes ima webdev newbie...

edit: @amasad sir, please, in the next replit update, don't upgrade the UI/CSS/Layout, but upgrade the coding features, like, multiple terminals like vscode, and if there are errors, highlight the file in red. Please make replit the next vscode, with free domain hosting! and yes sir, please do you have the solution to my problem? why is replit installing 2 useless packages like what @CSharpIsGud is said in the comments?!

CSharpIsGud (1070)

It seems repl is trying to install two packages with conflicting version requirements for no reason.

Making another repl and hoping it doesn't do the same thing is the only thing you can really do.

PixiGem (141)

@CSharpIsGud boi I've created 3 more repls and it is the same this happening! I think I should try another IDE, like VS CODE or sublime, they are good, BUT........

THEY DON'T HAVE FREE DOMAIN HOSTING. My father doesn't accept to buy one, and yes, he says Im too young and I build useless stuff, and yes I do build projects that always fail or they are just bad

PixiGem (141)

@ruiwenge2 please help me, thank you