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How to change username a second time?
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Hello, I have changed my username one time in the past, and I would like to change it again so that it corresponds with my usernames across other platforms. I have already emailed [email protected], and I am still waiting for a response back. Is it possible to change your username a second time?

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I understood your issue.

If you have changed your username once, I think you may not get the second chance of changing it (I haven't done it before xD).

In a case like this, You might need to contact a Moderator.
Join server on Discord:- and DM a Mod from there.
As getting a response from [email protected] is a bit difficult due to the traffic they get there.

That's it I can say.

Hope this helps!

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You will have to ask a moderator to do this for you, if you have discord, you can join the discord server for a speedy username change!

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If you are talking about the username that is visible to us this second. You cannot change it. There is no way. However. there is away to change your profile username. The username when we hover. Just go to account, and you can edit.

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If there is not a way to do it in the menus, you should probably send them an email. You’ll just have to wait for a response.