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How to calculate baby weights and average?
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I need help with a homework assignment. It's for a programming class but I'm not understanding it. If anyone could help I would be very greatful!

Here's the problem:

Write a program that allows you to enter five baby weights. Your program will determine which
baby’s weight was the lowest, which was the highest and what the average baby’s weight was.
Your program MUST validate the baby’s weight (see Input Validation below). If there is a Tie for the
lowest birth or highest birth weight then display a message saying that there is no lowest or highest
for Today.

I'm new to this program so if anyone needs more information I can give it.

Thanks all!

Answered by ridoskon [earned 5 cycles]
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I had a son who did programming and wrote code at school. He knows how to run commands for such arrays of numbers, but I haven't seen the parameter "should" be set to find the average baby weight. For example, I want to choose a pram for and I take the estimated weight into account and go from there. So the assumed array of numbers will be the average, and then I have to enter one exact number. You can go from less and more, but how will the program confirm that these data have been entered for a year or a month? How can this statistic be prescribed and based on what period? I will ask my son how he did when we were choosing a pram (we use his software everywhere)

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There is a difference between getting help, and getting the entire thing done for free. You have to have started for anyone to help you.