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How to accept an invite?

Can't find were someone would accept an invite at. No notifications or emails.

plz help


If you are invited to a Repl you will get an e-mail and a notification in

But if you are invited to a team then you will not receive any kind of Notifications Just go to your Repls and you will find their team name pinned in the Repls Section

Normally 1-2 hours is fine but if it's exceeding this time then you can follow from below:-

If you still cannot find anywhere then you can feel free to post it in the Bugs Section from here or can give a feedback for teams in the Teams Feedback Section from here

Hope this helps
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So do you have an email? You will receive an email with all notifications and invites. If this helped please choose this as your answer!


Hum so if you are to a invited to a repl, you should get an email and a notification on If you don’t get an email, check the email you put on again. Or sometimes it takes a while to load (you could reload/ delete tab maybe)

If you have been invited to a team, I don’t think you get an email or notification. Just click the teams button, and you should see all the teams you have been invited too. If that team doesn’t show up, maybe they didn’t invite you, like maybe they wrote a different username or something. It could also take a while to load, in that case, just check it again in a while (maybe reload/delete tab).

If this problem persists, you could also report it under bugs:
Or in the feedback of teams:

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@Bookie0 You need the email to verify your account so idk how it would work without it.


Hum, well for invited for reply, you should get an invite, but for invites to teams, you won’t get a notification @THISISATEST2389


@THISISATEST2389 then I don't know.
Do you know the team name your looking for?


@PizzaisGood I own the team, this is a alt account because the person that I am inviting is having the same issue.


@THISISATEST2389 maybe reload your page?


@PizzaisGood I have been, is it in a tab I am not looking.


Invite to what?


@VulcanWM a team


You don’t get an invite to a team. You just get added. The best way to check if you are in a new team is by going on the teams thingy once in a while.

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@VulcanWM its been over an hour since I got invited and it is still not there.


Really? Maybe just takes long to update? @THISISATEST2389


@VulcanWM am i doing something wrong?


apparantly it should work now, check your e-mails