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How should I start studying Python?
asdgasdfg (0)

How should we do it?
It's the beginning.

MatthewWesolows (35)

Code. Experiment. Use google if your not sure. Like what is stated by other people in the comments, your best bet is w3schools. But if your want to continue to improve after you finish the tutorials, poke around the internet. Interested in game design? Dip your toes in some math and check out some channels that go over the basics. Want to do software dev? Ask people a problem they have in day to day life and try to invent a solution. And finally, NEVER underestimate the power of github. Looking at source code of other projects made by other people can help you learn a thing or two :).

Have fun.

(edit: I realized I should probably mention this, but python is not that great a language. Maybe plan a language to switch to once you get a hang of it. I know that seems controversial when I ranted about diving deep into topics you like, but I only said that because learning the foundations of things can translate into other languages. No matter if your coding C++ or LOLCODE, game design will always have maths.)

cuber1515 (91)

w3schools is great for learning how to code.

Coder100 (18893)

You can search up a python tutorial online, and learn from there.
Here is a good tutorial:

Another way is to make projects and ask questions to get better!

InvisibleOne (3208)

There's a lot of ways you could learn python, you could read some of the cool tutorials people wrote here on replit, or watch some youtube videos, or something else, it really depends on how you want to do it.
Personally, I learned python by doing the free python 2 course on, then I skimmed through the python3 stuff on w3schools and just started coding.
After that's it's pretty much just practice practice practice, and when I can't figure out how to do something I'll googling it, and slowly I learned more and more until I got pretty good.