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How many colors are there
kannibalistic (109)

HI everyone I know this question might be a little stupid, but since im working with the turtle spiral, I will ask it. How many colors does python support?

Answered by MrVoo (102) [earned 5 cycles]
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MrVoo (102)

If you use RGB colors, then about 16 million :)

CosmicBear (56)

@kannibalistic for RGB, (1,0,0,),(2,0,0),(3,0,0),(4,0,0) ect until (255,255,255). About 16 - 17 million colours.

SixBeeps (5353)

@kannibalistic Python Turtle is based on Tk, which has these named colors. There are about 750 of them.

MrVoo (102)

@kannibalistic All you have to do is google a list?

IMayBeMe (552)

It depends on the amount of bits. Most displays nowadays use 24 bit pixels which can render around 16,777,000 colors but some older models tend to use 16 bit displays that can display around 65,000 colors

kannibalistic (109)

oh thanx everyone =D