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How does repl make money?
ArielFuxman (11)

It is free, so how does it make money?
Awesmo site, just wondering!

PaoloAmoroso (192)

The pricing page provides a full list of the free and paid plans.

ash15khng (729)

There are plans such as the hacker plan which has additional features.

Eygon (0)

That's always something I wonder about myself. I struggle to make money with my Amazon shop, and there are places like this that seem to thrive with ease. A live casino in India is one of the few ways you can actually make money, as the owners here are very rich and don't bother to return the money they make every month through huge bonuses and jackpots. As opposed to the Las Vegas casinos that are well-known scams with no winnings for the players whatsoever. We believe more in splitting the wealth in India rather than keeping it all for ourselves.