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How do you run another file from
Jalcon (30)

Right now were creating a program called Jalcon Industrial:
And there is a /run command which runs other programs on different .py documents, so we were wondering how you can run those files from the main program?

P.S To run the python program you may have to open it in a new tab with this:

Answered by ArchieMaclean (932) [earned 5 cycles]
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ArchieMaclean (932)

You can use the import command to import another file. Usually this is used to import functions. Here is an example:

def greet():
  print("hello world!")

# first way
import test

# second way
from test import *    # import * means import everything

# third way
from test import greet

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Jalcon (30)

@ArchieMaclean First of all, we upvoted your post :)
And WOW you are speedy! You also provide an answer to ask posts within (most of the time) the first minute!

ArchieMaclean (932)

@ArchieMaclean btw, if you need some code to run when you import it, just put the code in the file ( and it will run when (note that it usually runs at the start of the program (, not when it is imported)

marky0marky (9)

HELP! I cannot figure out how to do this when the file is inside a folder? Every path expression I have tried to identify the location of the file to import does not work?

JensenAndre1 (2)

Hi did you ever figure this out? @marky0marky

ArchieMaclean (932)

@JensenAndre1 @marky0marky
Hi, sorry I'm a bit late, but you can but a period between like this:

from myfolder.myfile import f

where you obviously replace myfolder and myfile and f with the relevant information.

williamldn (5)

In the .replit file add:
language = "bash"
run = "python3 <>"

coynerm (6)

@williamldn Hi-I'm trying to run .py files from the main that are located in folders. The import [filename] works only for files not in a folder. I tried using your code segment but it would not run a file in a folder. Do I need to include the path in the run = "python3<./Unit1/>"? This is my config: