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How do I upload files from my computer to
dauzatbp (3)

How do I upload files from my computer to

SixBeeps (5045)

You can either drag-and-drop the file onto the Files pane (on the left) or use the Upload dialog on the kebab menu on the top of the Files pane.

SixBeeps (5045)

@dauzatbp You're welcome.

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Green7Horn (0)

@SixBeeps I have an older MacIntosh that has a Desktop filled with old Screen Shots. I need to make screen shots of recent past assignments in order to make a Vue.js portfolio. How can I identify new Screen Shots in order to Drag and Drop them into the Files pane? What is a "kebab" menu on the Top of the Files pane?

SixBeeps (5045)

@Green7Horn Rule #348 of owning a computer is keeping the desktop clean. I believe Macs title their screenshots by the date and time they were taken, so there's that. A kebab menu is just a button with three dots stacked on top of each other.