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How do I redirect a replpage to another page
abdelhamidAbual (1)

I want to redirect to

This question has been answered, do not post any more answers here, thank you.

Answered by AloegelhiPlaysR (109) [earned 5 cycles]
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AloegelhiPlaysR (109)
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="time; URL=LINK" />

Replace 'time' with the amount of SECONDS you want until it does it, Replace 'LINK' (leave url= there) with the url of what you're redirecting to.

InvisibleOne (2674)


abdelhamidAbual (1)

@InvisibleOne I already have my question answered, thank you.

UnluckyFroggy (917)

Put this in you html file:

                window.location.href=""; // The URL that will be redirected too.
            }, 3000); // The bigger the number the longer the delay.