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How do I open the repl in a new tab?

I've taken a short break from and have come back to realize I've forgotten how to open the output of the code in a new tab. Can someone help me?


you can just press the open new tab button shown by kingoftheof1 or with console python you can open a browser, go to incognito or private mode, and load the editer page there. it will show up as a large console. there is no way in python console that you can really do full screen on replit.


They are currently working on a newer and improved repl run. The old one was full of security bugs.

Read more here.
One workaround is this, but I would recommend you add ?view=1 to the end of your repl, like this:


You can't open the repl in a new tab as this feature was deprecated: here.


If you are asking about (and opening just the repl output in a new tab), unfortunately we've had to stop making that feature available because it was being used for abuse. Read more:

Here is a workaround:


it depends on what language it is. In html, there is a button next to the link to your page that says open in a new tab. Click it, and bam, new tab with your page in it. I dont know how to do this in other languages though


Like I said to @RYANTADIPARTHI you can go to your project with this format, So if I have a project named hello, I would open it by typing


@supcoolak If you do it this way, you won't be able to interact with the console. Add ?outputonly=1 to the end of ANY REPL'S URL to see just the console. (If there's graphical output, you'll see that too.)


Click on the little arrow thingy


if this is in console python, i don't think you can. In other web developing languages, you can, but not console python.


@RYANTADIPARTHI For Python and many other languages, you can view it by doing this:


@RYANTADIPARTHI U CAN, but if u do @supcoolak 's way, the console won't be interactive. Add ?outputonly=1 to the end of ANY REPL'S URL to see just the console. (If there's graphical output, you'll see that too.)


@CoolCoderSJ Thanks! I was just clarifying you need the URL, and that you can't just put ?outputonly=1 in your browser.


@supcoolak oh yeah true, that’s why I said add it to the end of the repl url


If you are on a repl with just the console, copy paste the link in another tab, then add this at the end of the url


If you are on a repl with a webpage, next to the url, there is a little → coming out of a box.