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How do I make text go to a specific position?
joecooldoo (0)

So I'm creating a website about the best projects on Scratch ( and the text is appearing weirdly. I want text to appear on top on top of an iFrame, but instead, it appears beside the iFrame, which looks weird. It seems to only happen when I open the website in a browser.

Answered by robowolf (548) [earned 5 cycles]
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robowolf (548)

First put the frame back into the body section. Then between the text and the frame maybe put <br> This creates an instance of a new line.

joecooldoo (0)

Thank you so much! It worked!

xxpertHacker (935)

@robowolf Where was their iframe element originally placed in the document?

xxpertHacker (935)

@robowolf Wow.

@joecooldoo The only thing that should ever be outside of the html element is <!DOCTYPE html>, that's it.

joecooldoo (0)

I know, my brother was bothering me while i was doing it so i accidentally typed it in the wrong place.