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How do I make my window and console fullscreen in Pygame?
keilankessie (4)

I am making a text-based adventure in pygame that displays text and allows inputs in the console/terminal while a map/visualisation is shown in the pygame window. Is there any way that I can open these two features by themselves in a new tab? Right now all that I can do is reduce the size of the other elements of the screen as much as possible.

tankerguy1917 (178)

Sadly no, not anymore. You use to be able to open most if not all repls in a new tab and then it would be fullscreen, but you can't anymore. But, if you want to make your pygame window fullscreen, you just have to do this pygame_window = pygame.dislpay.set_mode((300, 300), pygame.FULLSCREEN, 32)
Hope that helps :)

btfuss (177)

Run it locally, or it can't be done.