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How do I make my site available offline?
InvisibleOne (2990)

You can't host your site on replit and make it available offline, unless you are online first and go to the site, then manually save it in the browser and open it like a file, which means downloading everything from the site.

InvisibleOne (2990)

interesting, but to connect to the site for the initial files you would still have to be online. @Xanilan

Xanilan (0)

@InvisibleOne That is true. Indeed, users would have to go onto the site at a time beforehand (while online) to tell the browser to load the files onto the device for offline use.

InvisibleOne (2990)

That's what I meant when I said it isn't possible to host the code on replit and have the website completely offline, your website can be used offline but you still have to be online for a little while to save the files from that website for offline use. @Xanilan