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How do I add more pages to my website?
JackYOUNG4 (32)

How do I add more pages to my website?

Answered by John_WardWard (385) [earned 5 cycles]
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John_WardWard (385)

Add more html files down the side like done so in this repl. Then put the link somewhere in your original website and you're good to go!

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PYer (4009)

You can right click on the add file button. It should appear in the file tree section area, on top. You then choose the name of the file, and press enter. The file is then created. If you want to use html to link it to that page, you can do:

<a href='the-new-html-file.html' class='css-class'>Click me to got to the new file!</href>

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optimistguy (24)

well, think off more ideas. Like a blog,...