How did help you this year?
amasad (3535)

We want to feature a few stories from our community and would love to know how helped you navigate 2020. Maybe you're teacher and Multiplayer helped you teach your class, or you're a developer and we helped you collaborate with collaborators. Whatever comes to mind, please share!

Here is a nice picture

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CoolCoderSJ (689)

How did it not?

My coding teachers solely taught through this year, and it was easy for them to review my code. I was able to help my friends with their coding projects, and host my first website hassle free.
I learned heaps more coding knowledge, and got some free hacker too!
I helped others learn python and had fun making the tutorial too. I could do less npm/yarn/pip3 and more upm (very cool, I installed it locally too)
I could experiment with code, and not worry about saving, running, opening, etc.
And finally, I could code on the go!
yaaay for, its helped me a lot throughout the year