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How can you clear the console
Lightcaster5 (14)

I want to clear my console but I don't know how.
For example, I want to print something, make a delay, clear all of that, then print something new

Heres what the code my look like:
import time

{The clear thing}
print("How are you?")

Geocube101 (627)

Method 1:

import replit

Method 2:

import os
Lightcaster5 (14)

@Geocube101 Thanks! I already tried the imort os os.system('clear') but that didn't work. The first method did!

bobmcbob (7)

@Lightcaster5 use this:

import os
clear = lambda: os.system("clear")
#do stuff
clear() #clear stuff

then you can use clear() to clear.

SuperKidCo (4)

I tried both methods. None worked.

Geocube101 (627)

@SuperKidCo Are you using windows?
if so, then you can use:

import os

If you're on and it still won't work then this could be a bug or problem with your repl

install (9)

@Geocube101 this is correct:import replit

install (9)

@Geocube101 How do you do that in HTML?

Geocube101 (627)

@install you're trying to clear the javascript console?
If so there is a console.clear() function that clears the JS console

MadCuber (0)

@Geocube101 think he wants to clear just the HTML console, not JS