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How can I get to stop autoinstalling files like
JDJGInc_Offical (2)
  1. importing vt-py and then autoinstalling vt
  2. importing filter-profanity and importing profanity
    I want to stop autoinstalling these packages.
    I want to be able to install the modules I want and not the ones wants to autoinstall.
Coder100 (18137)

Create .replit file, and then add this:

run = "python"

ignoredPackages=["vt", "filter-profanity", "profanity"]

the docs are nice

JDJGInc_Offical (2)

@Coder100 I tried something like that earlier but it made the text that was supposed to be red, white.

JDJGInc_Offical (2)

@Coder100 It really really bothers me.

Coder100 (18137)

well i mean if it works it works don't look at the file then lmao

and plus, nobody said the syntax highlighting has to look the same forum and editor???? @JDJGInc_Offical