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How can I get a one-page list of all my repls?
eannegunn (1)

There have been multiple requests for a feature to allow users to download all repls or batches of repls with one command. And several folks have documented reasonable workarounds for not-having such a command. is probably the most complete such answer.

Last June (6/2020), I was able to automate this pretty simply with a bash script. I was able to scrape all my project names, regardless of folder location, off of a single web page and then munge the project name list into a bash script with lines like:

My problem today is that the Home/MyRepls pages have changed enough that I can't find any way to get a list of all repls no matter what folder they are in. I have 3 courses, each with at least 15 folders (for my 15-week semester), so having to scrape repl names one folder at a time would be seriously unhandy.

Where did the list-of-all-repls page go?


i'm not sure, i don't think it works.

Coder100 (18911)

sorry, that api no longer works. Unfortunately you will just have to specify all the files you want.

Kookiez (406)

I'll ping @firefish for this, they probably know how to do it because i have no idea

firefish (953)

@Kookiez well nor do i so uhhhh maybe @xxperthacker knows if oyu don't know, please ping someone else that may know so we have a ping chain

firefish (953)

@Kookiez ikr let us pungethi the world together

Kookiez (406)

@firefish ah yes, here is a beautiful hakui no hakiu i mean haiku:

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firefish (953)

@Kookiez Full conjugation of verb pungeth:

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xxpertHacker (931)

@firefish Sorry, chain ends here :/

The best you'll get is setting up an automated script to do this, but, you already have, and now it broke, so yeah... not much we can do.

Although... you could automate the scraping to get your Repls.

I asked for this feature here: although, it was more generic. It'll probably never happen, especially since Repl seems to have really died down when it comes to looking at feedback and related stuff.

eannegunn (1)

@xxpertHacker Thanks for the reply. Links to the feedback page are throwing 404s today but I can imagine your request.
We know the repl folk are actively developing; there's a lot of action on the teams/teaching front. But too bad if that means they are not monitoring user feedback. If I develop an automated way to walk my project tree, I will post the technique here.

xxpertHacker (931)

@eannegunn Oh wow, when I posted it, /feedback, /bugs etc were fine, that was fast. Good luck, I've wanted ways to do stuff like this for some time, unfortunate that Repl hasn't caught on.

firefish (953)

@Kookiez the weekly challenge thingo

Kookiez (406)

@firefish oh yay :D
just remember to credit me as @Kookiez - changed one line of code in the SCSS