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How can I avoid Replit DB 429 rate limit?
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Hello! I've been trying to perform certain functionality using objects stored in the Replit database (Python), but I've been discovering that most things will trigger a 429 rate limit exception!

Here are some examples:
Replits have a 5000 key limit, so I wanted to know what the error is when trying to add a 5001. I created a for loop to add 5000, keys, but this triggered a 429. Is there any way to mass add keys?

I then tried to clear the database using db.clear(), however this too will trigger a 429 if there are enough keys! How can I wipe my database?

Finally, I would like to search through the db to find something within the value (of the key : value pair). I created a for loop using the db.keys() to check each item one at a time, but of course this triggers a 429. How can I search for something within the database?

Is there any way to perform these 3 functionalities? Thanks!

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