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How To Add DNS Records Within Repl.
TheBest156 (43)

I was wondering how I add DNS records within repl. Please help me. I tried using - But it didn't help me

Answered by Coder100 (18215) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (18215)

It's this!

First, you type in the domain you bought, you could get one in

Then, they give you your dns record!

finally, you can do your magic and your thing in your cloudflare or whatever dns you use

TheBest156 (43)

@Coder100 I need one that is free, Please give me links to sites I could use for that.

Coder100 (18215)

I told you already? Please read my answer? @JohnBarnhart

Coder100 (18215)

Also .com domains are almost never free @JohnBarnhart

TheBest156 (43)

@Coder100 But whenever I go onto that site, my computer crashes for no reason.

Coder100 (18215)

hmm, yeah the website is extremely slow
np :) @JohnBarnhart

RoBlockHead (521)

You don’t have control over the DNS records of the repl. If you want control over the DNS records, you need to use a custom domain.

SixBeeps (5234)

You don't add the records from the DNS to the Repl, but rather the records from the Repl to the DNS. Adding a record depends on which domain name provider you're using.