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How I can get my project link
shimmyUwU (1)

Hello, I want to get my project link and I cant see link someone can help me?

Answered by 19wintersp (1142) [earned 5 cycles]
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19wintersp (1142)

Your link is https://<repl name>.<username> This will only work if you've setup a web server.

Fireblazer (5)

@19wintersp how do i set up a web server?

19wintersp (1142)

@Fireblazer "Setting up a web server" in this case means having a HTTP server running on Look up an appropriate tutorial for the language you're using. With Python, for example, Flask is commonly used, so I would suggest trying to find a Flask tutorial.

Wumi4 (531)

The Repl link has been disappeared due to the Captcha. You can't use the link if you want to share your project. At least, you can share your Repl though the link at your search bar when you open the Repl.

programmeruser (595)

@Wumi4 you can use, it's that's been discontinued.

FloCal35 (668)

Go into your repl, click share in the top right, and copy the link at the bottom of the pop up menu