"Learn Python the Right Way" seems to be a very convoluted way

If anyone else here has looked at the Book they provided called "Learn Python the Right Way" and gone through that to learn Python, can you tell me if this is truly the right way to learn Python?

Right from the start I noticed that the exercises you're given at the end of each chapter, while most are doable, some of them seem to be overly complicated, set up with pretty bad "parameters" or just completely overclass.

Is it just me? Is it just that I need a different way to learn? Or does everyone experience that book the same?

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@Highwayman Sorry it took me so long to respond.
Basically, these were the exercises I struggled with:

Chapter 3 Exercise 2 - Did I miss info how to create cellphone or am I confused?

Chapter 4 Exercise 5 - I was struggling with some earlier exercises right before this one for quite a while and I don't even know if I did them right, and I'm completely overwhelmed by this one.
I have no idea how to do this and I don't even know where to start.

Chapter 4 Exercise 7 - I can't seem to get the values to work here. I don't know why.
I was trying to make the loop take the input value and run only up til that value.
Created a post for help at https://replit.com/talk/ask/Why-is-an-int-value-not-iteratable/146522 .

Chapter 5 Exercise 11 - Told to write a function that tells you if a triangle is right-angled, but only by giving the function the length of the three sides alone.
This is rather hard to do without any other angles involved apparently? I don't really know how to do this even outside of coding unless i specifically draw it with a pen, paper and ruler, and that is a lot more simple and abstract than code.
The next exercise is based on this one too, so I couldn't do it.

Chapter 6 Exercise 4 - I couldn't get this to work outside of a one week value of days, and at this point I felt so much like a potato that I just kind of dropped the book...