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Hi everyone, how do you create parent class and how do you package it? in java
king3000 (2)

Write code for a parent class that contains at least three variables of at least two types, and at least one method.

Create at least three new classes based on your parent class, and modify the objects they contain as needed.

Create a package to bundle your classes. Write source code files for the classes in your package.

king3000 (2)

sorry I didn't know.

king3000 (2)

and how do you package it?

king3000 (2)

My question is how do you create a parent class in Java.

FlaminHotValdez (686)

Check the question guide-no asking for school assignments or just asking people to do stuff for you.


Do you need help or are you telling us things... But you could use maven. And it generates it for you