Do VNC clients work with Replit?
PaoloAmoroso (191)

I'm trying to connect to my Python REPLs via VNC as explained in the documentation. But when I open a connection with the Remmina client on Linux (Crostini on Chrome OS) I get the error VNC server closed connection. I'm reasonably sure the REPLs are properly configured and the credentials are correct.

Is connecting to REPLs supposed to work with clients other than noVNC? Any suggestions?

One thing I've noticed is Remmina doesn't let me customzie the port and path of the connection's websocket, which Replit seems to require. So I'll try another VNC client.

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luisreplit (5)

Hi Paolo!

Replit only supports connecting through noVNC because of a current limitation in our hosting stack: repls can only expose HTTP services.

The reason why noVNC works is that they expect the connection to be made using RFB-over-WebSocket, and I am unaware of any other native VNC clients that allow that combination.

PaoloAmoroso (191)

@luisreplit Makes sense, thanks for the background.