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Hi! I have a question unrelated to this code

I have an assignment to write a short essay on the prompt below and am having trouble finding libraries and functions to discuss.

Prompt - Search the Internet for any reference which contains useful functions you can use in C++ - any function library at all EXCEPT math since we have already seen that one. There are functions that help with Databasing, Internet use, science or engineering, graphics, gaming - you name it.

Find one library with 2 or 3 useful functions and describe what they are, what they do, what input and/or outputs they take, what kind of program might use them. Be sure to show the syntax and include a code example - but a short one.


Hi, for me, writing an essay has always been a difficult stage when studying at the university. The first couple of times I wrote myself, but after seeing the results, I came up with the idea that it would be better to buy ready-made versions or order them from writers. I used the Study Crumb service, although there are many others.


Did you go on github? It’s so perfect for that.


@Giothecoder I also found this which might be helpful:


i have no idea XD and i know me replying to this with no info is utterly useless but ye XD