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Hey anyone wanna collab in python? (Im new so I don't know if Im allowed to type this here)
xMysticalCoder (2)

Hey anyone wanna collab in python? Im kinda new here and wanna learn more.

IcynDevz (765)

Well w3schools is a good place to start.

SAO10 (18)

@IcynHackz good idea i use that

catspython (27)

it's definitely ok to ask to collab!

CoderBean (11)

I would love to collab with you. Being able to teach will help my learning as well. I have recently started moving on to more advanced Python concepts.

xMysticalCoder (2)

@ChickenTendys great! one question, how do i collab? i saw other people send their project links, do i do the same?

CoderBean (11)

@xMysticalCoder you can do that, but you can alternativly create a team in the teams tab. From there you click manage members and then you can invite with a link or search the username and invite them that way

CoderBean (11)

@xMysticalCoder trying to join team, it says that the team doesn't exist

xMysticalCoder (2)

@ChickenTendys yeah i deleted that and make another, invitng

xMysticalCoder (2)

@MatthewHou sooo how do we collab. i saw other ppl doing it but idk how.