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Hey Hey, There's Something Kewl About the CLI!
RayhanADev (1918)

Did you know that the Replit CLI actually takes query parameters?

Try visiting!

Anyone got any interesting ideas to do with this?

InvisibleOne (2675)

Cool, I've known that for a while but never used to for any queries or anything like that.

RayhanADev (1918)

@InvisibleOne then dang, I must be the only one who didn't recognize it xD

Baconman321 (1051)

Somehow find a way to hack someone's account?

jk, jk

srsly no one do it tho...
RayhanADev (1918)

@Baconman321 hahahaha

Devious thoughts are forming >:)
IcynDevz (725)

I think that was always there...

I'm not sure though.
RayhanADev (1918)

@IcynHackz oh the cli was always there
I'm talking about interfacing with it through query parameters (the things after the ?)

IcynDevz (725)

hmm. @RayhanADev not sure about that. But could be new.