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SharpRhyme (6)

it seems all of my secret environment variables (previously a file called .env) have disappeared, please help!!!

Answered by btfuss (178) [earned 5 cycles]
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btfuss (178)

This may have been a bug, or something issued with your code. Please note that the .env file is depreciated and is going to be replaced with the UI for it (

SharpRhyme (6)

@btfuss it is replaced, like I said it was previously a file called .env, btw my code was perfect my variables just disappeared

btfuss (178)

@SharpRhyme what you can do is use bash as env variables. you cant recover the file unless you could go back in previous changes and revert from there

LukeWright (288)

click the lock icon on the left of your code and it should bring up an interface for your env variables @SharpRhyme @2plus2is4hoi