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Help with Python.
LoveFromSkyy (137)

I need some help with learning Python. One question before I continue. Are you able to make web servers with Python? Anyways, if you can invite me to a repl where you can tutor me, I would appreciate that very, very much!


Here are some tutorials for python:

Django, and flask are good python webservers. you can learn them online

JBloves27 (1903)

Well, I could teach you a bit. And yes, you can use Django or you can use flask. Yes, sure, I could invite you

ObiVibKenobi (173)

Yes, you can make web servers. There are some helpful packages like flask And Django. Also, I would advise using online courses. You can just Google basics of python and find some pretty helpful stuff. You could also use courses on coursera or other websites like that. If none of these are working, I can invite you to a repl and teach you a bit, but I’m no master...

LoveFromSkyy (137)

I work better with others, that is the reason I asked here. Thank you for the tips too!

ObiVibKenobi (173)

Yeah, html/css/js and node @JBYT27