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Help, replit cuts out words in the textbox when it's not supposed to
tsj598 (1)

I have a project due very soon and I have a problem. My output keeps getting cut off and rearranged. it does this almost every time I run the code, only occasionally does it actually work properly. What can I do?

EuanTH (4)

It might be that the console's window is just small, so the text if just going over onto another line. This is just a feature of replit called text wrapping, nothing to do with your code. Could you link your project so I can see if this is correct?

tsj598 (1)

I actually had the console window covering the majority of the screen, when the code runs it will completely drop a few letters and actually move a section of text that is supposed to be at the end to the very front. But I found a solution, I just put "\n" in my code to basically trick the program. @EuanTH

KeaganLandfried (36)

What language is this? Can I have a link to the repl this is occurring on?