What is a debugger and how do I use it?
theamazingplant (3)

I am new to programming, so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. What is a debugger and how do I use it? I look at the debugger and I have no idea how to use it at all.
Please help.

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amaddentcsec (235)

Hello @theamazingplant ,
A debugger is something you use when you have errors in your code. It basically optimizes the file for better finding errors and fixing them. If you are just starting programming, you do not really need to use them.

PattanAhmed (1397)

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Ping @HahaYes For for more info!

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I already had this argument with coder100 lol

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I'm pretty sure I won the argument :)

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Then start an argument with @HahaYes or @k9chelsea2 to know more!
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