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can host a discord bot using lua
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so im making a discord bot using DISCORDIA and LUVIT and I was wondering if Im able to host it on

(I have NO idea how to host a bot and have never done it before so if someone can go into detail of how to host a LUA DISCORDIA and LUVIT bot then that would be very appreciated!)

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Hello, I actually have a answer to your question. Sorry for the late response. Go to your shell and paste in this: curl -L | sh then, put all the files that appear into a folder called bin. Next, create a file called .replit. Type in there: run = "bin/luvit main.lua". Now go back into shell, and type in: bin/lit install SinisterRectus/discordia. Now you are good to go! Discordia is now installed and you can require it with local discordia = require("discordia").