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Heads or Tails App Not Working
OliverPringle (1)

I tried to make a small "Heads or Tails" program in Python, but every time you type in "heads" or "tails" (or just type anything in), it only shows up as "heads", so I don't think the random module I have set up is working how I want it to. Do I have the code in the wrong order, or am I missing some lines, or is it something else I'm not seeing? I'm fairly new to programming, so I know I'm probably just not seeing something right. Any help is appreciated :)

Screenshots of code:

Answered by Funkus (238) [earned 5 cycles]
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Funkus (238)

@OliverPringle Hello, I've modified your code a little so you can get both heads, or tails.

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Hope this helps